Errant Hope

Damien Jennison
3 ratings

It came from the heavens and brought disaster.

Callum’s life was a hard one, toiling day after day as an unskilled labourer deep in the countryside. Never looking beyond the next winter, his lot was unremarkable and one with little hope of improvement. When an opportunity to earn easy coin falls into Callum’s lap, he readily accepts without thinking of the risk.

Wolves and brigands turn out to be the least of his problems, however, for a chance encounter with an old weathered sword puts him at the centre of mysterious events, earns him the attention of a suspicious knight and gains him some unlikely allies. Their journey for answers — one Callum has little choice but to go on — leads him to learn of the terrible responsibilities that come with wielding the sword and of an enemy whose goals will change his world forever.

Pulling inspiration from the science fiction and fantasy media of his youth and the lessons learned throughout his life about overcoming adversity, Errant Hope is Damien Jennison's first novel and the first steps in an epic adventure that will sweep you away.

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  • eBook version of Errant Hope

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    863 KB
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    DRM-free EPUB
  • Story Length
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  • eBook version of Errant Hope
  • Size863 KB
  • FormatDRM-free EPUB
  • Story Length197K words


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Errant Hope

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